Yoga belongs outside

Experience Asana on the most incredible natural locations

Calm your mind with the relaxing sound of waves, breathe in the fragrance of the centennial pine forest, feel grounded on the sandy beach and awaken your inner Nature on the top of the mountain.


Breathe in

Due to the exceptional characteristics of its micro – climate, thick pine forests, various medical herbs and the amazing fresh air, Lošinj became Croatia’s leading climatic health resort. It offers ideal conditions for allergy sufferers, improving respiratory health and aiding physical and psychological recovery all year round.
One of our favorite places for Yoga sessions is the plateau in the middle of the centennial pine forest, overlooking the harbor and the open sea.
Breathe in the fragrant Nature, nurture your lungs and become one with your breath.





In 1856. the Archduke Maximilian, Admiral of the Austrian Navy, began the construction of the 220 meters long breakwater with the main purpose of protecting the shipyard. Little did he know, that in century and a half, this breakwater would have a much bigger purpose. Today, many wonderful things are happening there. Kids jumping in the sea, athletes jogging and exercising, people walking, hanging out and  playing instruments. It is one of the special places to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets and the night sky with endless stars.
Just imagine doing asana at this historical monument on the warm stone with the relaxing sound of waves, breathing the fresh air while being bathed under the sun… 


Calm your mind

With the perfect harmony of the gentle currents, pleasant temperatures and purity of the water, our crystal clear sea is one of the most valuable treasures of the archipelago. It will nurture your soul, release the tension in your body and give you the ultimate pleasure. 
We have placed most of our Yoga classes close to the sea because we grew up with its healing benefits and we want to share them with you. 
After you have activated your body, calm your mind while meditating with the relaxing sound of waves…


Awaken your inner nature

Mountain Osorčica is truly a place that heals.
The real magic happens on the hiking tours. Placing your foot on the base of the mountain will immediately reveal its wonders. You will nurture your lungs while hiking through the fields of medicinal herbs, learn the legend about the St. Gaudentius and his incredible life on the mountain, enter the meditative state while repetitively stepping closer to the peak and enjoy the view that will take your breath away.
Experiencing Yoga on the very top will awaken your inner Nature and make you feel one with that divine tranquility. 

Sandy beach

Ground yourself

Why are we absolutely fascinated by beautiful sandy beaches? Is it because they are romantic and beautiful or there is more to it? Do we love that ancient architecture made by waves or we are searching for that state of serenity where we can empty our mind?
Whatever it may be, you will enjoy the most beautiful sandy beaches of the archipelago while grounding yourself through the flow of asana.

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