Adventure tours

Collect your adventures

And feel the excitement of being alive

Adventure tours are the most exciting way to explore the archipelago and awaken your vitality. Accept the challenge and discover the hidden beauty while being active, feeling free and living in the moment.

Snorkeling & Freediving

Embody the feeling of weightlessness

With the countless capes, ridges, caves, shipwrecks and indented seabed, our wonderful archipelago is the perfect playground for snorkeling and freediving.
Embody the feeling of weightlessness and glide away to explore the most beautiful snorkeling destinations.

Bike tours

Cycle and recycle in your life cycle

Feel the wind in your hair and experience this adventure of discovering the most beautiful coves, famous historical sites, centennial pine forests and the most mesmerizing views you shall never forget. 

Hiking tours

Nourish your lungs with aromatic scents

Due to the exceptional characteristics of its micro – climate, thick pine forests, various medical herbs and the amazing fresh air, Lošinj became the Croatia’s leading natural climatic health resort.
Discover the hiking paradise for adventurers and nature lovers, who come from all over the world to witness this beauty!

Kayak & SUP tours

Powered by your vitality

Kayak and stand up paddle tours are perfect activities to have fun and enjoy all the benefits of the crystal clear sea.
Glide on the sea surface powered by your own vitality and discover the most beautiful hidden coves.

Catsailing & Windsurfing

Rein the wind and ride away

Čikat bay is the perfect place for the wind sports due to the constant light onshore wind and the specific position that makes it protected from the waves.
Our professional team will make sure you enjoy your surfing adventure while carried by the power of the wind. 

Scuba diving

A new challenge in a new world

Scuba Diving is much easier than you might think. It is a wonderful sport that offers everything from heart-pumping action to quiet relaxation.
Enjoy the freedom of gliding through the blue, experiencing new adventures and exploring undiscovered worlds…

Panorama flights

Experience the archipelago from the air

Take off with our professional pilots and experience Lošinj archipelago from the air. Enjoy the birds eye view of the hidden bays, endless pine forests, small islands and picturesque little towns.
This adventure will take your perception of beauty to another level! 

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