History & Culture

Enrich your knowledge

And become the ambassador of Croatian heritage

We have carefully designed a concept, where learning is integrated in your private tours. You will learn about our rich history and culture through amazing stories and legends related to different locations we will take you to. After your holiday, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Lošinj heritage.

Museum of Apoxyomenos

A true archaeological sensation

The sea of Lošinj has been keeping a big secret for over 2000 years. A tourist accidental dive in 1996 triggered a series of events which led to the most beautiful discovery of the Adriatic underwater world. Asleep since classical antiquity, a priceless bronze statue of a young Greek athlete was awoken.
Discovery, recovery, restoration and a new life of the handsome statue have become an intriguing story in the new history of Croatian culture with elements of drama, thriller and a spectacle.
The Museum of Apoxyomenos is a unique archaeological, architectural and cultural institution and it is entirely dedicated to only one exhibit – the Apoxyomenos!

Ancient settlements

Where the time has its own course

Undeniably, one of the most treasurable heritage of the archipelago are the settlements from the Iron and Bronze Age. These places that inspire with tranquility are continuously inhabited for more than 4000 years. As soon as you place your foot upon their ground, you are immediately liberated from the course of time and carried to some long forgotten past. 
Visit these invaluable settlements and feel re-connected with our ancestors…

Traditional fiestas

Be part of the local joy

Streets of our islands, often reveal the old ways of the local lifestyle. People from different parts of society gather to celebrate tradition, culture and life. Fishermen, sailors, musicians, dancers and cooks present their knowledge and craftsmanship on the local fiestas.
Enjoy the traditional cuisine, colorful folk costumes, music and dance and have the insiders access to the old ways.

Concerts and live music

Treat yourself with a local tune

From big concerts on the main squares to small local bands hidden in the picturesque streets, the island offers live music for each taste.
Whether you have the ear for the popular mainstream performers, rock bands, local quires or players of the traditional instruments, you will find the right tune to enjoy the island’s nightlife.    

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