Snorkel the shipwreck

And discover the most beautiful lagoon

Where you connect
with your inner nature

Surrender to this beauty

And restore your vitality

Why do we love sandy beaches? Is it because they are romantic, beautiful and serene or because this is how we like to imagine the heaven looks like?
Whatever the reason, this tour will rejuvenate your body and bring out the child in you.
We will snorkel the semi-shipwreck, visit the highest lighthouse in Croatia, swim in one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Adriatic Sea, and cruise the two largest archipelagos in Croatia!


6-7 Hours







per person


  • two archipelagos
  • semi shipwreck
  • Veli Rat lighthouse
  • Sakarun beach
  • rugged coastline
  • wonderful nature


  • cruising two archipelagos
  • stories and legends about history and culture
  • snorkeling the semi shipwreck
  • enjoying the view from the highest lighthouse in Croatia
  • swimming in one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Adriatic


We start the tour heading out towards the south, cruising numerous islands in two archipelagos. Our first location is the semi shipwreck at the north of Dugi Otok, where we snorkel and freedive, exploring the mysterious site. After we have enjoyed the beauty of the underwater world, we dock in the beautiful Pantera bay and track across to explore the cape of Veli Rat and enjoy the breathtaking view from the highest lighthouse in Croatia. From there, we continue our journey towards the south, eventually reaching what many people call the diamond lagoon. After anchoring in Sakarun cove, it’s time to surrender to the nature of that incredible turquoise lagoon. Let that serenity enter your soul, harvest the beauty with your eyes, feel that fine sand under your feet and immerse your body into the crystal clear sea.
There is also an option to visit one of the surrounding islands where you can enjoy delicacies of the local cuisine. 


Water, fruit and/or snacks, sunglasses, bathing suit, towel, t-shirt, cap or hat, sun cream and comfortable beach shoes.
We advise you to bring some money in case you want to taste the local delicacies.


We are fluent in Croatian, English and Portuguese. If you don’t speak any of these languages, do not despair as we are the masters of pantomime 😉


Min 4 people
Max 8 people


Our little paradise, so called by the local people, is famous for it’s micro climate that creates the most amazing fresh air, beautiful sunshine and the crystal clear sea. However, every once in a while, we are surprised with a sudden change of weather that reminds us about the eternal balance of the Nature. In that case, we will postpone the tour, offer you alternative or refund your money in full.

This is just a glimpse of what you will experience…

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