Expand your potential

Move, play, learn and have fun

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?
Use your holiday well and venture to the unknown with our comprehensive workshops. Learn new skills by moving, playing, exploring and having fun. Enrich your knowledge and become more perceptive and sensitive towards diversity of the human potential.

Fluid balance

Explore the movement

You are a unique being, carrying within you the potential for the ultimate transformation. Each form you take is determined by your distinctive ingredients, your natural character and the ability to create. Are you aware of this in every moment? Do you use your potential freely?
The “Fluid Balance” team of professional artists and athletes will show you the first steps, spice it up with new ideas and together, you will play into the unknown. 
In this endless game of self-exploration, you will discover new concepts, understand your fluidity and embody the movement. 

Martial arts

Awaken your power

Martial arts are like icebergs, where the tip is fighting and under the surface hides mastering the ability to move, controlling of our aggression, building self esteem, keeping focus under the pressure and understanding of our potential. This is why many successful people throughout the history, invested a great effort to study martial arts. 
Why not changing the pool time for the ancient art of combat, carried by the generations before it found its way to you. 
Come back from your holiday with a new set of skills!



Embody the inversion

Acrobatic practice helps us to understand our bodies and overcome the fear of new and unknown, rooted deep inside of our mind.
Our experienced acrobats will teach you various techniques from contemporary dance, Capoeira and circus acrobatics, providing you with the necessary building blocks you will use to create a unique flow.
Just imagine yourself connecting transitions, rolls, jumps, dives and acrobatic movements in an endless continuum. 

Thai Massage

Learn how to give

Thai massage is the art of touch in which the therapists use their thumbs, palms, knees, elbows and feet to bring the recipient into the deep state of relaxation and thus allow energy flow and balance in the body.
The treatment reduces all kinds of stress, emotional tension and painful stiffness, increases elasticity and vitality of the entire body, corrects improper posture, and establishes natural flexibility in the spine, joints and muscles.
Learn how to give and make others feel divine…


Find your rhythm

Rhythm is woven into every cell of our being, the very essence of who we are and into the life itself. It exists in the beat of our heart, breathing and walking. Everything in nature vibrates with a certain frequency and rhythm.
Drumming in the circle creates a deep sense of community and harmony which frees us from competitive and isolated nature of today’s society. The left and right hemispheres of the brain are used at the same time, which strongly stimulates creativity and increases concentration.
By creating the spontaneous and collaborative rhythm, we connect to our internal creative source and to each other. 

Natural cosmetics

Learn the benefits of the medicinal herbs

Island of Lošinj is blessed with the combination of dense pine forest, rich biodiversity and sea aerosols that create the unique outdoor aromatherapy in one of the kind micro-climate. It is a home to 1018 plant species of which 230 types belong to medicinal herbs. We offer you the unique opportunity to study the making of natural cosmetics and create your own organic dermatological products. Just a perfect thing to bring home!

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