Natural wonders

Discover the hidden nature

And feel interconnected with this eternal beauty

There are endless reasons why Lošinj is Croatia’s leading natural climatic health resort and one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Adriatic sea. After all this years, we are still discovering the breathtaking wonders and it is our pleasure when we get to share them with you.   

The Islands

Each one with it’s own character

Explore the archipelago and discover numerous islands and picturesque little towns. Every island will tell you a unique story with its hidden coves, wonderful beaches, incredible nature and rich cultural heritage. 
Enjoy the natural beauty and get the insiders access to the local lifestyle. 

Hidden coves

Find your peace of heaven

Our coastline is famous for being rugged and pristine, offering the privacy of hidden coves and peace of mind, all year round. Be assured, we will go an extra mile to find the one that perfectly meets your desires, where you can let go and re-connect with the nature…

Wild beaches

Rocky, pebble or sand

Are you one of those people absolutely in love with the beautiful beaches? Are you fascinated with the ancient architecture sculptured by waves? Are you searching for that state of serenity where you restore your energy and empty your mind while leaving your footprints in the sand?
Well, if you are, we share the same passion and you’ll be mesmerized by these incredible beaches!

View points

Where your breath is taken away

Aside from the incredible archipelago, we are blessed with several view points from where you can enjoy all that divine beauty. Enjoy your dinner while nurturing your lungs with aromatic scents, harvesting the breathtaking views and embracing the sunset. 

Crystal clear sea

Wash away your worries

Lošinj is known worldwide for its crystal clear sea. The pleasant temperatures, incredible underwater visibility, high level of purity and diverse marine life, make it one of the most popular seas in the World.
Whether your passion is swimming, diving or sailing, you will fall in love and develop a deep connection with the Lošinj sea…


Breathe in the fragrant nature

Due to the thick pine forests and about 1018 plants of which 230 medical herbs and 80 exotic plants, our little paradise is famous for its micro-climate and an amazing fresh air. Lošinj is Croatia’s leading destination that offers ideal conditions for pulmonary rehabilitation, aiding allergy sufferers and improving respiratory health.
Enjoy your holiday while breathing in the fragrant nature!

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