Sail & Cruise

Discover the archipelago

And experience the hidden beauty approachable only by the sea

It took us decades to find these locations, where we can connect with the nature, be free and live in the moment. Now, it’s time to share this hidden beauty with you and maintain the endless continuum of man’s interconnection with nature.

Speed boat tours

Discover the hidden archipelago

With personalized approach of our experienced skippers, stories and legends about the archipelago, the most beautiful hidden nature approachable only by the sea and numerous islands with their picturesque little towns, every speed boat tour becomes an adventure to remember!

Dolphin safari

Connect with these incredible creatures

Bottlenose dolphins of Lošinj are playful and curious creatures that represent one of the strongest symbols of the Island. They are closely researched for the last three decades by the Blue World Institute where you can learn everything about this species. Even though there are hundreds of dolphins in the archipelago, it takes a great skill and knowledge of the area to locate them.
Hop on the boat, enjoy the cruise between the islands, experience these incredible creatures in their natural habitat and capture your unforgettable moments.

Griffon Vulture safari

Witness the last Croatian population

Vultures are charismatic birds. They have shared their living space with humans for a very long time and have thus entered into folk stories and legends, playing an important ecological and cultural role on the island. Kvarner population is unique in the world because they nest on cliffs, right above the sea, before starting their migration across Europe and even Africa.  
Watching the last Croatian population of Griffon Vultures from our boat will be a breathtaking experience!


Give yourself to the wind

Sailing is the most beautiful and ecological way to discover the hidden beauty, approachable only by the sea. Our experienced skippers will take you to discover the best hidden locations where you experience the pristine nature, enjoy your privacy and live in the moment.
Give yourself to the wind and sail away to discover the best of Lošinj archipelago! 

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