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With personalized approach of our experienced guides, stories and legends about the archipelago, the most beautiful hidden natural locations and picturesque islands and little towns, every tour becomes an adventure to remember!

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Custom made boat tour

Welcome to your private adventure

Do you want to be in charge of your tour, have unlimited options and feel free with your personal skipper and guide?
If your answer is yes, I welcome you to the right place!

Choose from variety of locations hiding in our magical archipelago, enjoy the best beaches, explore the incredible natural locations, visit the most amazing historical sites and try out the best restaurants in the area.

Book this tour and have your private adventure.

Price from 600€

Secrets of the Blue Cave

A hidden snorkeling heaven

Imagine a beautiful hidden bay, a wonderful pebble beach and a crystal clear sea. Now imagine swimming into a mystique blue cave that got it’s name by the dance of the sunlight reflecting from the bottom…

Price from 95€

Wild Wild Cres

You have to experience it no matter who you are

We will take you to the wilderness of indescribable beauty, where the breathtaking cliffs rise from the sea like Greek Gods and the place that Griffon vultures call home.

Price from 90€

Dolphin safari

Witness these incredible creatures in their natural habitat

Hop on our boat, enjoy the cruise between the islands, experience the Bottlenose dolphins and capture your unforgettable moments.

Price from 40€

The beach hunt

Three amazing islands, three amazing beaches

Enter that state of serenity where you recover your energy and empty your mind, while discovering the most beautiful sandy beaches of the archipelago. 

Price from 80€

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Speed boat tours

Each tour is an adventure where you discover the best of the archipelago

With personalized approach of our experienced skippers, stories and legends about the archipelago, the most beautiful hidden natural locations and numerous islands with their  picturesque little towns, every tour becomes an adventure to remember.

Price from 75€

Bike tours

Cycle and recycle in your life cycle

Feel the wind in your hair and experience this adventure of discovering the most beautiful coves, famous historical sites, centennial pine forests and the most mesmerizing views you shall never forget.

Price from 50€

Kayak & SUP tours


Kayak and stand up paddle tours are perfect activities to have fun and enjoy all the benefits of the crystal clear sea.
Glide on the sea surface powered by your own vitality and discover the most beautiful hidden coves.

Price from 50€

Hiking tours

Nourish your lungs with aromatic scents while hiking through the fragrant nature

Due to the exceptional characteristics of it’s micro – climate, thick pine forests, various medical herbs and the amazing fresh air, Lošinj is Croatia’s leading climatic health resort and a hiking paradise for adventurers and nature lovers from all over the world.

Price from 35€

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If you are planing on coming to Lošinj or already here, drop us a line and we will find a perfect active day tour for you and your loved ones.

Enjoying the outdoor activities under the blue sky and breathing that amazing fresh air was never an option for us but an inner calling. Since our early age, we felt connected to the nature around us and used every free moment exploring it, discovering the hidden gems and feeling one with all that amazing surroundings…dreaming of a day when we will do this for a living.

Today, we offer you variety of day tours, each with a different character. Whether your passion is under water, on the surface, up in mountains or in the air, we got you covered.

Explore our days tours, find the adventure that excites you and create your lifetime memories!  

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