Be nurtured by nature

And restore the balance in your body

The best thing about our wonderful archipelago is that the process of purification starts as soon as you arrive.
All you have to do is let yourself be nurtured by the unique micro-climate, the supreme air and water quality, widespread of medicinal herbs and the organic food cultivated with love.

Organic food

The best quality nutrients

The entire archipelago is famous for the organic food. The wide variety such as, fruit and vegetables from organic gardens, fresh seafood, free-range sheep and goat, extra virgin olive oil and GMO free bakery products, will satisfy every nutritional need and preference. 
On top of that, the entire water supply comes from the heavenly lake Vrana, a protected area with a supreme water quality.

Natural juices

Grown under rain and sun

Enjoy the variety of natural detox juices made from the organic fruits and vegetables. Grown in the fertile land, under the constant nurture of rain and sun, these fruits will give you a refreshing feeling and restore your vitamin supply. 
Enjoy while treating your body with these nectars of health.

Medicinal herbs

The ancient natural medicine

The island is blessed with the vast centennial pine forests and about 1018 plants of which 230 medical herbs and 80 exotic plants. This rich variety of herbs provides us with endless possibilities in seasoning our food, making healthy and detox teas and producing essential oils and natural cosmetics.
Learn about the medicinal potential of the local herbs and treat your body with the organic products. 

Organic essential oils

The liquid concentration of health

Due to the incredible variety of medicinal herbs, the town of Martinšćica is famous for it’s centennial tradition in oil production. Today, the farm and the organic distillery of the essential oils is run by the wonderful family living harmoniously with the nature around them. It is a wonderful natural heaven and the oasis of peace and health, where you can find the essential oil from almost every herb known to the island and where you learn about the natural medicine passed down through generations.


A natural climatic health resort

Due to the exceptional characteristics of Lošinj’s micro-climate, in 1892. the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy’s Ministry of Health, proclaimed the island a climatic health resort. Today, Lošinj is Croatia’s leading destination offering ideal conditions for pulmonary rehabilitation, aiding allergy sufferers and improving respiratory health.
Re-connect with your breath in the oasis of the fragrant nature and be nurtured by the supreme quality air.

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