Awaken your awareness

Become here and now

Everything about life is transient. All the beauty, emotion and time in their endless transformation. Everything but here and now. Awaken and become aware of your existence. 


Let your mind free

Not only will you enjoy the beauty of archipelago’s natural wonders but feel it with your entire self and become one with your surroundings. Our guided meditation is carefully placed in the pristine nature where you have chance to be here and now and let your mind wonder.
Calm your mind with the relaxing sound of waves, become aware of your breath in the centennial pine forest, feel grounded on the sandy beach and awaken your inner nature on the top of the mountain. 

Sharing circles

Give, share, receive

We all feel the life’s joy and sorrow, carry the weight, receive blessings and deal with the consequences of our actions. We all share the universal experience.
Sharing circles are ideal opportunities to give space, compassion and advice, share presence, wisdom and information and receive comfort, attention and a chance to express.  
It is the perfect way to give, share and receive while being united in the moment.

Breathing methods

Become aware of your breath

Aside of being the basic biological need, breathing is very effective way to direct the awareness towards the physical or psychological self and begin the process of self analysis.
You will experience various methods of breathing, each one covering different aspects of breath. The Pranayama breathing will bring your focus to your inner – self, the martial arts based breathing methods will teach you how to generate power and technical breathing from the art of freediving will help you master your breath. 


You are related to everything

Join us in creating social projects, helping the locals, volunteering on the conservation projects and creating the international community of people who want to make a change. 
There are endless ways to act within our universal interconnection and make a better tomorrow by contributing to a global change. 
In the words of the great Socrates: “The perfect human being is all human beings put together, it is a collective, it is all of us together that make perfection.”

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