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Designing luxury holidays is our favorite play where we get to use all of our imagination and creativity. It is our ultimate challenge to fulfill your desires in one exceptional holiday experience.
It’s your time to smile, feel free and live in the moment. 

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The island of vitality

Croatia’s leading natural climatic health resort

Due to the exceptional characteristics of its micro-climate, in 1892., the island of Lošinj was proclaimed a natural climatic health resort by the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy’s Ministry of Health. As a result, Lošinj became one of the most desired holiday destinations of Austro–Hungarian aristocracy of whom many built numerous villas and mansions on the island. 

With the crystal clear sea, diversity of medicinal herbs that give a supreme air quality and over 200 days of sunshine, Lošinj became Croatia’s leading climatic health resort and a modern destination of vitality, health tourism and environmental awareness. It offers the ideal conditions for allergy sufferers, improving respiratory health and aiding physical and psychological recovery.

People are not the only ones drawn to this beauty… The archipelago is also a home to many wonderful animal species that have been living alongside us for centuries. These animals include the magnificent, endangered and protected creatures such as Griffon vultures, geckos and Bottlenose dolphins that chose this natural heaven as their permanent home.

Lošinj is a paradise for adventurers and nature-lovers who come from all over the world to witness it’s beauty…

Why should you choose us?

Giving back

we show our appreciation by giving you our full attention, commitment and expertise

Driven by passion

every program we design for you is driven by our deepest passion for oneness with the nature

Experienced guides

the constant exploration of Lošinj archipelago represents our lifestyle, our belief and a personal joy


we believe that sharing brings us closer of being more compassionate, inclusive and humane

  • Program

    A holy-day should be just that, a reminder of what does it mean to be full of life in everyday living. To experience, discover, feel and recover. Designing luxury holidays is our favorite play where we get to use all of our imagination and creativity in creating an exceptional holiday experience. Our team of professionals shall tailor every single detail, according to your requests and preferences and treat your desires the same way we treat our passion, genuinely, devotedly and full-heartedly. You shall elevate your spirits with private active tours, sail the archipelago and discover the most incredible natural locations, feel the health benefits of the island’s micro-climate, enjoy the traditional delicacies made by private chefs and get the insiders access to the natural wonders and the local lifestyle. Our mission is to make you move, awaken your breath, sharpen your awareness and expand your limits, to re-connect your inner nature with the one around you and help you thrive while creating your lifetime memories. Together, we shall surrender to adventures, pursue our true nature, and live free in the moment…


    Designed upon your desires
    In the first stage, our designers team shall ask you specific questions regarding type of accommodation, favourite activities, prefered diet, health conditions, fitnes level and everything that can help them fully cusomise your experiences. Second stage is designing the first draft that will give you the general idea of the final product. Next stages are all about fine tuning the details, according to your desires and creating one of the kind holiday experience. The final itinerary is not even close to the experience that awaits for you as our creative team is super passionate about designing surprises that will keep you smiling throughout your bespoke holiday.
  • Overview


    • Islands, coves and sandy beaches
    • Mountains, trails and viewpoints
    • Capes, ridges, caves and shipwrecks
    • Picturesque little towns
    • Historical sites and museums
    • Cultural events and educational centers

    Week highlights

    • Luxury villas
    • Exclusive speedboat cruises
    • Exciting adventure tours
    • Dolphin safari
    • Mindfulness – based workshops
    • Sunsets with traditional food and wine
    • Relaxing treatments
    • Private chefs


    • Re-connect with your inner nature
    • Build up your health and all around well-being
    • Release your accumulated stress
    • Restore your energy levels
    • Awaken your breath
    • Sharpen your awareness


    • Explore entire archipelago
    • Experience privately guided bodywork
    • Feel energetic and strong
    • Enrich your knowledge
    • Make positive changes
    • Spread your joy for life among your friends and family

    Take home

    • Excitement of everyday adventures
    • Energetic and recharged body
    • Wider understanding of proper exercising
    • Broader knowledge about our rich history and culture
    • Happier, healthier and improved self
  • General info


    Exclusivity of this retreat lies in the personal approach to our guests. That is why we work with small groups in a private atmosphere. We dedicate our special attention to your desires, handling them with the utmost responsibility.

    What to bring

    • Comfortable clothes for activities (sweatpants/leggings/shorts…)
    • Comfortable shoes for outdoor activities
    • Beachwear and sun protection
    • Backpack, yoga/pilates mat, hat or cap
    • Tupperware or glass food storage
    • Mobile phone, camera or other gadgets to capture your memories


    Our guides are fluent in Croatian, English, German, French and Portuguese. If you don’t speak any of these languages, let us know in advance and we shall provide you with the guide that speaks your language.

    Physical rating

    Our Bespoke Retreats are designed for people with an average level of fitness, but it’s up to you how much will you raise your heartbeat to challenge your limits.
    If you want this but think you are below average, congratulations! You are our favorite “prove you wrong” person.

  • Prices

    Price on request

    Once we learn about your wishes, preferences, needs and desires, we shall design one of the kind itinerary that meets your standards and vision of the perfect holiday. You shall be involved every step of the way and have the full control of fine tuning every single detail. After the itinerary is designed, the final price will be set accordingly.

  • Compliments to the chef

    • “From the moment you meet Igor, he makes you feel like you are his only priority!! Every adventure is custom made to exactly what athletic level of intensity or chill you want!! Hiking, biking, kayaking, walking, snorkeling, to fine cuisine, sunning on spectacular pebble beaches looking at blue waters and dolphins playing!! It is a must do on the bucket list. Igor is simply the best you will find !!!!”

      Marie, SAD

    • “This was the most amazing adventure vacation I have ever been on. The diversity of culture and history that is integrated with every experience by our personable and knowledgeable tour guide Igor is unequaled!!! From snorkeling in gorgeous caves to hiking the hills of Losinj we had a tremendous amount of fun and adventure and we were treated to some of the best cuisine ever in the many local restaurants. The scenery is “eye candy” and the locals were super friendly and helpful. I would definitely go again !!!!”

      Joanne, SAD

    • “I came to the island of Veli Losinj, excited to have a week of adventure and fun. What I didn’t plan on, and was moved to tears, was Igor’s passion; passion for the rich history, the most spectacular vistas-on the water and on the land, the food, the culture and the beautiful people. His passion became our excitement, joy and delight. He is one of the kindest, most thoughtful young men I have ever had the pleasure to be around. He tailored the adventures specifically for us and was willing to be flexible to please us. If anyone out there is thinking about taking one of the most memorable, enjoyable, exciting holidays, whether young or old, this is the one for you!”

      Lisa, SAD

This is just a glimpse of what you will experience…

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