Private Chefs

The true masters of the art

That will fulfill your every gastronomic desire

Food is like art. It exposes your emotions, exceeds all knowledge and requires no language to be enjoyed in. It is just between you and your private Chef.
Allow these artists to treat you with their art of cooking.   


A food made of dreams

The exotic villas come with a private chef who will prepare top-quality specialties of your choice and fulfill all of your gastronomic desires.
With every bite, he will guide you to heaven of endless aroma and taste.

Choose your private Chef

Have your food the way you like it

Very often, our guests have a specific nutritional preferences based on their health, alimentary practice or belief. In such case, we provide them with a private Chef of their choice who would satisfy their gastronomical needs and desires.
Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or follow Macrobiotic diet, we have a perfect Chef for you!

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