The Skippin’ Pebble Agency

Know me before you know me

I’m not a local with a family tree reaching deep into the Island’s history… I’m a local who has profound love for everything about this amazing archipelago. Since my early age, I felt a deep connection with the nature of Lošinj whilst running its forests, climbing its hills, and diving into its seas. In my early teenage years, as my mind was bursting with questions, I’ve came to realization that, while discovering the island’s nature, I was discovering the nature of myself. My quests took me far away from home where everything I believe in would be challenged by different cultures I stumbled upon. It was the locals of all the wonderful places I lived in, that influenced the systematization of my value systems. I was in my early 20-es then and the idea of who I was, what drives me and what I want to leave behind, slowly started to shape. It took me over a decade of traveling, experiencing, trying myself in different projects, doing humanitarian work, meeting the love of my life, becoming a father, being a teacher and a student to finally realize that Island of Lošinj is the best place on the Planet and the right place for me to fulfill my dreams.
Today, I’m super passionate about every outdoor activity that brings me closer to the places silent enough to hear my breath, clean enough to smell the air and calm enough to clear my thoughts. I’m the owner of the Skippin’ Pebble Agency through which I fulfill my desires, share what I believe in, connect with the wonderful people from every corner of the world and live my life to the fullest.
My name is Igor Šehić and I design active bespoke holidays where you create your lifetime memories.

The Agency and the Team

The mission

The Skippin’ Pebble Team believes in becoming what we are designed for. Active, mindful and connected human beings. People who seek knowledge, explore wide range of movement and practice self awareness. It was never as easy to have a holistic lifestyle as today. To eat diverse, to train efficiently, to learn, discover, evolve and share. A holy-day should be just that, a reminder of what does it mean to be full of life in everyday living. Our mission is to make you move, awaken your breath, sharpen your awareness and expand your limits. To re-connect your inner nature with the one around you.
To help you thrive while enjoying your holiday.

General info

Skippin’ Pebble d.o.o. – Tourist Agency
Rovenska 60/51551/Veli Lošinj/Croatia
OIB: 43266896439
MBS: 040359359
Registered in the Commercial Court in Rijeka on the May 7th, 2018.
Base capital 20.000,00 kuna
Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.
IBAN: HR8524020061100782143
Director and owner: Igor Šehić

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