Discover the paths of the ancient people

And enjoy the breathtaking views

Nourish your lungs with aromatic scents
while exploring the fragrant nature

Awaken your vitality

While hiking through the fragrant nature

Chose from variety of hiking tours such as walking around the Island and discovering hidden coves, hiking the transversal while enjoying the scents of medicinal herbs, climbing the mountain of Osorčica and witnessing the breathtaking views or exploring the nature of the Islands from the archipelago.
Nourish your lungs with aromatic scents and awaken your vitality while hiking through the fragrant nature.


4-5 Hours


Photo safari





per person


  • hidden coves
  • breathtaking viewpoints
  • historical sites
  • top of the mountains
  • islands of your choice
  • wonderful nature


  • hiking the coastline
  • breathtaking viewpoints
  • ancient historical sites
  • stories and legends about the archipelago
  • enjoying the fragrance of the centennial pine forest
  • tasting the local delicacies


“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”– Friedrich Nietzsche

Since the 19th century, island of Lošinj was one of the most desired holiday destinations of Austro Hungarian aristocracy, due to the foresight of local sailors and captains who reforested and planted the Island with hundreds of exotic plants, brought from their voyages. As a result of the exceptional characteristics of Lošinj’s micro-climate, in 1892., the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy’s Ministry of Health proclaimed it a natural climatic health resort. This diversity of aromatic scents, fresh pine forest air and a wonderful nature of every color make our Island a hiking paradise for adventurers and nature lovers that come from all over the world to witness this beauty. 
Whether you choose to discover the hidden coves while hiking the coastline, climbing the fragrant mountains that hide the most beautiful view points or exploring charming islands from the archipelago, we will safely guide you and enrich your knowledge with the fascinating stories and legends about these amazing locations.


Water, fruit and/or snacks, sunglasses, bathing suit, towel, t-shirt, cap or hat, sun cream and comfortable hiking shoes.
We advise you to bring some money in case you want to taste the local delicacies.


We are fluent in Croatian, English and Portuguese. If you don’t speak any of these languages, do not despair as we are the masters of pantomime 😉


Min 4 people
Max 20 people


Our little paradise, so called by the local people, is famous for it’s micro climate that creates the most amazing fresh air, beautiful sunshine and the crystal clear sea. However, every once in a while, we are surprised with a sudden change of weather that reminds us about the eternal balance of the Nature. In that case, we will postpone the tour, offer you alternative or refund your money in full.

This is just a glimpse of what you will experience…

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