Eat like a local

Enjoy the local delicacies

And discover the traditional culinary secrets

Food is without a doubt one of the key elements that defines destination’s cultural heritage.
Use the organic ingredients, pick your own spices, discover the culinary secrets and cook like a local!

Organic farming

The food nurtured with love

The combination of archipelagos unique micro climate, high quality air and widespread of countless medicinal herbs, makes the island a perfect playground for organic farmers, bee keepers, oil manufacturers and shepherds.
These hardworking people live of the land, they respect the nature like a fellow man and take care of your food with love. 

Fish market

From the cleanest sea in the world

Imagine waking up with a dawn, descending to the harbor through the sleeping city and welcoming fishermen returning from the sea. This small effort will not only bring you closer to your food but give you the insight of the fishermen’s life on the sea and their thousands year old trade.
Get your sea food from one of the cleanest seas in the world and enjoy the process of preparing it.

Traditional cooking

Taste the local secrets

Are you one of those people passionate about the process of preparing food? Do you like to collect your own spices from the nature, feel the ingredients in your hands and let the taste guide you every step of the way?
We will teach you various traditional cooking techniques and allow you to connect with your food while it becomes a part of you.

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