Taste is one half

Experience is another

It is one thing to be passionate about food and another to dedicate your life to it.
The only dream of local Chefs and restaurant owners is to surprise you with their innovative design of the gastronomic experience.  

Restaurants in nature

Have your food with a view

Have your food at wonderful ranch, surrounded by wilderness or on top of the mountain with the breathtaking view. Once there, you will understand why these people went an extra mile to create something so wonderful and pure.
Re-connect with the fragrant nature while enjoying your perfect meal! 

Traditional restaurants

Experience the famous Croatian cuisine

Lošinj is a vibrant gastronomical island, due to many restaurants that offer traditional cuisine. They are run by passionate local gourmands who settle only for the seasonal organic ingredients and impeccable food quality.
Taste the famous local delicacies dressed with aromatic island herbs and experience the gourmet heaven… 

Exclusive restaurants

For those who think they’ve tried it all

For the guests with the most profound palate of taste, there are several exclusive world-class restaurants that leave no one indifferent. Their Chefs are masters in designing an exceptional gastronomic experience to stimulate all of your senses. Each tasty dish is combined with a vast palette of international and local wines from the extensive wine cellar.
If you think you’ve tried it all, prepare to be taken by surprise! 

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