Our little paradise


Our little paradise, so called by the people who experienced it, is famous for its gentle Mediterranean micro-climate that creates the most amazing fresh air, delightful temperatures and crystal clear sea with more than 200 sunny days per year. However, every once in a while, we are surprised with a sudden change of weather and strong Bora windstorm that reminds us about the eternal balance of the Nature. But don’t you worry, because Bora also clears your spirit as well as particles from the air so it is perfect opportunity to visit famous highlands as they offer the most breathtaking views. For that occasion, we have several aces in our sleeves that will make you appreciate weather storms even more!
Today, Lošinj is Croatia’s leading destination offering ideal conditions for allergy sufferers,
improving respiratory health and aiding physical and psychological recovery.


In the 19th century, local sailors and captains planted thousands of exotic plants and medicinal herbs collected from their voyages. As a result, Lošinj became one of the most desired holiday destinations for Austro–Hungarian aristocracy of whom built numerous villas and mansions on the island.
In 1892 the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy’s Ministry of Health proclaimed the island of Lošinj a climatic health resort. This was due to the exceptional characteristics of Lošinj micro-climate.


Due to the foresight of local sailors and captains from 19th century, who reforested and planted the Island with hundreds of exotic plants, brought from their voyages, today we can enjoy thick pine forests and about 1018 plants of which 230 medical herbs and 80 exotic plants. 


People are not the only ones drawn to this beauty… Our archipelago is also a home to many wonderful animal species that have been living alongside us for centuries. These include magnificent, endangered and protected creatures such as griffon vultures, geckos and wild dolphins that chose this natural heaven as their permanent home.
This flora and fauna as well as the exceptional micro-climate, make our Island a paradise for adventurers and nature-lovers who come from all over the world to witness this beauty…

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