The most beautiful sunsets on the island

Before even reading this blog, stop for a second, close your eyes and bring back that one sunset that was special to you. Can you remember it? I can’t because every single one meant something special to me. The one from yesterday was equally divine like the first one. I just can’t get enough of that orange ball and pastel colored sky, melting together on the horizon. No matter what I carry in my mind that day, sunset will always teach me of the true values and re-ignite my love to everything within me and around me.
I believe that people enjoyed sunsets since the very beginning, even before they developed a sense for beauty. I like to imagine that in times when men was surrounded with rough and hostile nature, sunsets were among few things that brought them encouragement, comfort and ease. I can feel them looking at sunsets and sharing that divine moment in absolute tranquility, interconnecting their inner nature with the one around them. Perhaps that was the moment when symbolism of sun was born and it started to represent beauty, life, peace, power…
It is very interesting how sunset connects all of us living on the planet Earth. Each day, different nations, religions and cultures, harvest the same sunset while our home orbits the Sun. Do all of us feel the same while gazing the setting sun? Is this the moment where a modern men from urban cities feel the same as indigenous people still living in harmony with nature? Is that the moment where all of us are interconnected? I will never know, but I will never stop hoping…
What I do know, are the special places in Lošinj archipelago where you can surrender to a breathtaking sunsets and feel one with that divine beauty.


The modern Borik Bar is located close to Sunčana uvala (Sunny bay) between centennial pine forest and beautiful rocky beach. It is reachable by car or walking path following the coastline from North-West. Borik is an ideal spot for a light lunch of healthy Mediterranean cuisine that includes fish and meat specialties, best accompanied by a glass of refreshing or top-quality red wines, and carefully crafted desserts.
The terrace is facing the open sea towards the South – West and reveals the unforgettable golden sunsets. It is the perfect place to share wonderful food, great wine and a spectacular sunset with your loved ones.

Monte Baston

Just 20 minute walk from the city centre of Mali Lošinj, you will find Monte Baston. This preehistoric hill-fort was used as a military watch tower during the centuries of the Austro-Hungarian, Italian and Yugoslav rule. The harsh energy of cement bunkers brings reality check and offers direct connection with centuries long history of using that place as a strategic point. From the other hand, it is a wonderful little hill top, surrounded by centennial pine forest and thick native greenery. Monte Baston will nurture you with an incredible fragrance, offer you the spectacular view of the main harbor and reward you with the breathtaking sunsets.


Providenca sunset bar is one of my favorite places on the island. Not only for what it offers but for the people who run that magical place. I was there since the first day, they started to build it and witnessed all the challenges they came upon while realizing their dream. The owners are very special people who devoted their deepest passion in realizing that project and sharing it with the rest of us. What exactly am I talking about? Well, you have to come and feel it for yourself.
Providenca is a view point on the northern side of St. John’s mountain. It is a sunset bar, educational path and a garden of scents, all in one. Most of the infrastructure was build using the organic material found on the spot. Massive comfortable tables made out of pine trees, are strategically placed on cascade terraces so each one has an open view. They are separated by traditional stone walls and carefully crafted bushes of the local herbs, so you can experience sunsets in your privacy. The educational path through the fragrant greenery will reveal breathtaking views and offer historical insight of the archipelago. Staff are super friendly and professional. They will offer you wide range of beverages of which my favorite are fresh juices combined from local vegetables and fruits. You can also have meat or fish „plata“. It is a cold dish that combines variety of products, served on wooden plates. Just a perfect food to accompany the perfect sunset. 
Providenca is so innovative and special that it became one of the symbols of Lošinj. It is a must see view point that guarantees an exceptional experience.


Usually, when we talk about mountains, their size is the biggest factor in evaluation. That is not the case with Osoršćica. The biggest mountain of Lošinj with its highest peek of 588 meters will not give you the satisfaction of concurring the heights. It will offer you incredible variety of fragrant medicinal herbs, unbelievable history dating back thousands of years and breathtaking views, each step of the way. It is a moderate climb, suitable for families with kids and an average fitness level. Nevertheless, it is still a mountain and when planing the hike, you should treat it as such. That’s why we advise all of our guests to visit the mountain with experienced guides provided by our agency.
After less than two hour hike, the mountain top will offer you the feeling like on top of the world. Almost 360 degrees view of the archipelago will take your breath away and immediately bring you in meditative state. The sunsets from up there are just spectacular. My advise is to wait for the north winds while planing the visit because they clear particles from the air and reveal landscape details of the surrounding islands.
Visit Osoršćica and experience the magnificent sunsets that will stay in your soul forever.  


Undeniably, one of the most treasurable heritage of the archipelago are the settlements from the Iron and Bronze Age. One of these places is the incredible village of Lubenice. It is continuously inhabited for more than 3500 years because of its geo-strategical importance. Lubenice gracefully sits on top of the  cliffs, 378 meters above the sea level. The village is approachable by a narrow road through the endless dry walls that reveal the local lifestyle and hidden views of the surrounding nature.
As soon as you place your foot upon the ground, you are immediately liberated from the course of time and carried to some long forgotten past. Take a walk through the picturesque village, enjoy the endless details of the incredible architecture and try to find local who is willing to share a secret or two. After few minutes, you will find yourself on top of the cliffs from the North-West side of the village. This is the place where the nature shares its best. Find your perfect spot at the edge of the cliffs and have your breath taken away by one of the most mesmerizing sunsets on the island.

If you are a true nature lover and a sunset hunter, you are willing to invest a little effort for a big prize and this is where we come in the picture. Our insane obsession with the archipelagos nature enabled us to explore the most incredible locations that offer the unforgettable sunsets. To discover these places, you’ll need to hop on our speed boat, cruise the archipelago and hike distant islands. We shall take you to places where nature heels with its purity, recovers you with its tranquility and offers blessings through the spectacular sunsets. But be aware while this places can capture your soul forever…   

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Ivan Brčić
Tomislav Kalousek
Antonio Pavela
Sandro Puncet
Igor Zoran
Igor Šehić

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