The most beautiful beaches of Cres and Lošinj, reachable by car

Aside of having a unique micro-climate, pristine nature and endless rugged coastline, Lošinj has variety of wonderful beaches. No matter the preference, you will find the perfect one to relax, enjoy the crystal clear sea and restore your vitality. Keep in mind that this is the list I’ve put together according to my connection with some of these places and the experiences of my guests. These beaches are all approachable by foot, bike or car. Hopefully, this list will save some time to the newcomers and make their stay more enjoyable.
Ok, let’s start from the North…

Mali Bok

Cres, Croatia

Driving from the North on the main road of Cres, you will encounter a sign for the village called Orlec. Take left, and continue the local road until you reach the village. From there, follow the road to Mali Bok beach. You can’t miss it for it is the place of Gods. Carved in endless cliffs by the waves and wind, it is a true architectural wonder of Mother Nature. There are no words that can describe this heaven so just let go, dive, swim and restore your vitality…

Koromačna cove

Following the main road on Cres towards Lošinj, you’ll enter the village of Belej. Keep your eyes on the left until you arrive to the church of St. Jurja and St. Roka. Take left behind the church and follow the road to Koromačna cove. This small picturesque fishermen’s cove will take your breath away with its colorful and charming boats, incredible colors and divine Nature. It is a very special place and one of the stops on my “Wild Wild Cres” tour where you can truly connect with your inner nature. There are springs of fresh water coming from the seabed that makes the sea crystal clear and cool. There are caves with their own dreamy pebble beaches where you can give yourself away to the tranquility of this divine Nature. It is a heaven for snorkeling and freediving and a must see for every Nature lover…

Ridimutak Beach

When you pass the bridge in Osor, continue driving towards Lošinj and after couple of minutes, the beach will appear on the left hand side. It is run by a friendly guy called Martin and it has the same energy like he does. Gentle and relaxed with a pinch of “no problem my friend”. It feels like the time machine broke down and you got stuck in several decades from the second half of the last century. Innovative decoration, play-field for kids, hammocks for the ultimate chill out and the relaxed atmosphere of the cool live music. You can rent bikes or SUP’s and enjoy physical activities while exploring the area. Martin also runs a cuisine offering delicious food and is famous for his original burgers.
Cosy set up, relaxing area in the shade and wonderful pebble beach, leaves no one indifferent.

Zabodarski bay

Just before reaching Mali Lošinj on the main road, turn right towards the airport. When you reach it, turn left on the off-road and follow the signs for Zabodarski. The road will become more narrow as you approach the bay. Park your car under the pine trees at the end of the road. Pull out all the accessories from your trunk and follow the coastline on the right hand side. Once you find your perfect spot in the shade of the pine trees, it’s chillaxing time. The natural surroundings is just stunning! Refreshing shade of the centennial pine forest, small pebble coves with their wonderful pebble beaches and the crystal clear sea. The tranquility of Zabodarski bay will provide you with everything you need to recover and re-charge your batteries.
Relax and surrender to this divine beauty…

Sunčana cove

Once in Mali Lošinj, keep driving until you reach the roundabout. Turn right up hill and follow the road until you reach the sign for Sunny bay on the left hand side. Take left and follow the road till the end. There are two big hotels near by so good luck finding a parking space 😉
The main pebble beach is absolutely stunning! It faces the South-West so you’ll be bathed by the sun the whole day and rewarded with the breathtaking sunset.
If you wish to sunbathe every inch of your body, even the ones in eternal darkness, enter the rocky FKK beach on the left.
Enjoy the sun, ground on the ancient rocks and recover in the crystal clear sea.

Vale Škura

Once you enter the roundabout in Mali Lošinj and take the exit for Veli Lošinj, you will enter a curvy road that takes you on a short and wonderful journey through the centennial pine forest. As you drive, following the coastline, you will pass the fishermen’s port called Valdarke. Continue driving and the following bay is Vale Škura. Many people pass it without realizing how special this place is but you won’t do the same mistake. Park your car where the road curves around the bay, be very careful while crossing the road and search for paths leading down to the bay. Aim for rocks on left or right hand side, depending on the sun position. Once there, you need nothing while this incredible place will provide everything your body and soul seeks.
Calm your thoughts and give yourself to this amazing Natural heaven…

My dear adventurers and Nature lovers, if you think this is it, you are far from the truth. There are many hidden places reserved for the locals or the ones with adventurous spirit. There are two ways you can discover those Natural heavens. You can spend years searching for them or fall into grace of the locals. You can earn our trust when you show your love towards the Lošinj archipelago and the respect to our pristine Nature. Once we realize you shall cherish these places leaving nothing but your footprints, we shall take you there.
If you search for the most amazing places of the Lošinj archipelago, reachable only by boat, check out our speed boat day tours.

Until our destinies bring us together, we wish you a happy life with sunny regards from the Island of Vitality!

Photo credit:

Ivan Brčić
Sandro Tariba
Tim Ertl
Martin Crneković
Igor Šehić

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