Serenity – Yoga & Meditation Retreat

04.09. – 11.09.2021.

Allow your mind to be present and still…

Experience the island of Lošinj, Croatia’s leading natural climatic health resort and enjoy your exceptional holistic holiday!
Serenity Yoga & Meditation Retreat is carefully designed to help you sharpen your mind, enhance your immune system, empower your vitality, and embrace mindfulness. Our team of experts takes every single detail into consideration and goes the extra mile to make your every moment count. From “Hello!” to “Can’t wait to see you again!”, nothing is left to chance. Each day begins with a new adventure where you practice meditation and experience Yoga surrounded by the incredible pristine nature, elevate your spirits with active tours, cruise the archipelago and discover the breathtaking natural locations, feel the health benefits of the island’s micro-climate, enjoy the delicacies of the traditional cuisine, and get insider access to the natural wonders and the local lifestyle.
As a result, you will explore your mind, broaden your range of motion, learn how to control your breath, awaken your senses, sharpen your awareness, and improve your general well-being. You will re-connect your inner nature with the one around you and feel fantastic in being yourself!


Day 1 – Arrival day

Upon your arrival at Pula airport, you can choose between renting a car and a van transfer. If you chose renting a car, you will be more independent and free to explore the islands in your free time. If you chose a van transfer, your private chauffeur will be waiting for you. Your adventure starts immediately as the transfer is much more than a ride. Your private chauffeur and guide will take you to explore wonderful locations of your choosing, such as Beli rescue center for Griffon Vultures, the magical trails of Tramuntana forest, or the ancient city of Lubenice that lies on top of the cliffs. After your arrival on the island of Lošinj, our staff will welcome you and escort you to the Stancija Srem Villa. We will give you useful information for settling in and getting around, and provide you with all the details of your Elevate Yoga Retreat. We will also listen to your special wishes regarding your private needs and preferences or anything that could help us make your stay as pleasant as possible.
Dinner (local organic food prepared by a private Chef)
Opening Ceremony – introduction, setting up the intention for the next 7 days, meditation and singing circle

Day 2 – The Island Hopping Adventure

You will start your third day with led Yoga for spine and short meditation. You’ll become more
aware of your breath, expand the range of motion and prepare your body for the day.
Homemade breakfasts including local products such as: goat cheese, fruits, honey, homemade sourdough bread, fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil etc.
With a personalized approach of our experienced skippers, stories and legends about the history and culture, the most beautiful hidden nature approachable only by sea, and numerous islands with their picturesque little towns, the archipelago of Lošinj is the perfect playground for nature lovers who come from all over the world to witness its beauty. Each island will offer you something special and unique; from endless fields filled with herds of  Boškarin buffalos on Unije, the wonderful sandy beaches of Susak, the pristine nature of uninhabited islands, to the famous flower gardens of Ilovik. You will cruise the archipelago with your personal skipper, swim and dive in the crystal clear sea of hidden coves, be nurtured by the fragrant nature and get insider access to the local lifestyle.
Gentle meditation in movement combined with conscious breathing, on one of the islands, will turn your senses inwards.
Dinner (local organic food prepared by a private chef)
Sound healing

Day 3 – The Secret Flavors of Lošinj

Your day starts with Reusi Dat Ton workshop. The name means the Yogi’s self-stretching or self-adjustment exercises. Reusi Dat Ton or the Thai self-massage encompasses also breathing exercises. It uses the same techniques as would be used in a traditional Thai Yoga Massage. Techniques such as rubbing, rolling, beating, palm pressing, compressing and stretching of the skin, tissue and muscle layers of the body.
Food is without a doubt one of the key elements that defines a destination’s cultural heritage. It transcends language, religion and age as it awakens your senses that know no limits. Aside from its beauty, Lošinj presents fragrances and tastes that will transform your perception forever. 
You will start your day by preparing your own breakfast in the wonderful garden overlooking the sea. In this herbal paradise, you will learn how to make olive oil and orange balm, produce lavender bath salts, and prepare fresh cheese spreads with local herbs. From there, your adventure takes you to the a family ranch and distillery of medicinal herbs on the Island of Cres. This is where you discover the benefits of local medicinal herbs, learn about the process of distilling essential oils, enjoy the variety of farm animals and taste the finest, cold pressed olive oil from the Island. After you have enjoyed this heavenly ranch, you will visit the wonderful organic garden where you have the opportunity to learn about organic farming. You will enjoy the afternoon with a cooking class, prepare dinner using organic ingredients and bond with your friends over a delicious and healthy meal.
Mindfulness (Interactive workshop) – Workshop on mental, emotional and spiritual state of human being, and how to manage stress, unlock your potential, develop self-awareness, increase focus and unleash creativity.

Day 4 – The Dolphin Safari Tour

Your day starts with a led Hatha Yoga class and short meditation. You’ll become more aware of your breath, expand the range of motion and prepare your body for the day.
Homemade breakfasts including local products such as: goat cheese, fruits, honey, homemade sourdough bread, fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil etc.
People are not the only ones drawn to Lošinj’s beauty. The archipelago is also home to many wonderful animal species that have been living alongside us for centuries. These include magnificent, endangered and protected creatures such as Bottlenose Dolphins that chose this natural heaven as their permanent home. Your safari adventure starts with a visit to the Blue World institute where you learn all about marine life and the incredible Bottlenose Dolphins. Once you better understand these wonderful mammals, it’s time you experience their play in the wild! We will take you for a cruise within the archipelago in search of the playful and curious dolphins that represent one of the strongest symbols of the Island. With a little bit of luck, you will witness their lively nature in their natural habitat. After your dolphin safari, we will take you back to the Blue World institute where you will go through an interactive workshop and learn more about the Bottlenose dolphins. You will also have the opportunity to adopt a dolphin and by doing so, make your contribution to preservation of these incredible creatures.
3pm – 6pm – free time
You can choose to relax in your residence, enjoy the beach, have a massage treatment or take a private class.
Dinner (local organic food prepared by a private chef)
Kirtan – Singing Circle is opportunity to find our voice, to connect with ourselves and to connect with others. It is a heart opening experience.

Day 5 – Hiking Adventure

Restorative yoga with long holds and hip openers. Deep and gentle practice to prepare your body
and mind for the day.
Homemade breakfasts including local products such as: goat cheese, fruits, honey, homemade sourdough bread, fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil etc.
Flora of Lošinj is famous for its thick pine forests and about 1018 plants of which 230 belong to medical herbs and 80 are exotic plants. The entire archipelago attracts hikers and nature lovers who come from all over the world to enjoy this fragrant beauty. As we hike the highest mountain of the island called Osorčica, you will learn about various medicinal herbs and exotic plants, we encounter on our way. After 2h hike, we will reach the top where you enjoy the most breathtaking view of the entire archipelago. This is the perfect place for breathing practice and meditation, your chance to relax, awaken your spirits and feel one with that divine tranquility…
4pm – 6pm – free time
You can choose to relax in your residence, enjoy the beach, have a massage treatment or take a private class.
Yoga Nidra and Sound healing for deep relaxation and well-being.
Dinner (local organic food prepared by a private Chef)

Day 6 – The Hidden History Tour 

Energizing Vinyasa yoga class and meditation will increase your energy and prepare you for the day.
Homemade breakfasts including local products such as: goat cheese, fruits, honey, homemade sourdough bread, fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil etc.
We have carefully designed a concept where learning is integrated into your private adventure. You will enhance your knowledge by learning about our rich history and culture through amazing stories and legends, every step of the way. 
Our first stop is a 4000 year old town called Lubenice, which gracefully sits on the top of cliffs and offers the most spectacular view. From there, we proceed our adventure in the city of Cres that tells incredible stories of great historical importance. It is the perfect place to walk around, breathe in the history of the town center, experience the local lifestyle and enjoy the traditional delicacies. Our next stop is Beli Visitor Center and Rescue Center for Griffon Vultures, where you can find out more about the exceptional and well-preserved biodiversity of the island Cres and the millennia-long coexistence of local people and Griffon vultures. From there, we will leave the city walls and enter the magical trails of Tramuntana. This ancient forest that testifies to the millennial relationship between man and nature, will offer you both breathtaking beauty and fascinating history. After your private tour, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the local history and hopefully, become an ambassador of the archipelago’s heritage. 
Dinner (local organic food prepared by a private chef)
Sharing Circle and Kirtan – a moment to share our experiences which we had during the retreat

Day 7 – Snorkeling & Griffon Vulture Safari

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Kriya, Pranayama and Meditation. Deep and gentle practice to awaken your senses and prepare you for the day.
Homemade breakfasts including local products such as: goat cheese, fruits, honey, homemade sourdough bread, fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil etc.
With the countless capes, ridges, caves, shipwrecks and vivid seabed, our wonderful archipelago is the perfect playground for snorkeling and freediving. It is also famous for its crystal clear sea where beauty doesn’t stay hidden.
After reviving your body with oxygen, you will hop on the speed boat and enjoy your private cruise around the archipelago while discovering the most beautiful snorkeling destinations. You will snorkel the underwater labyrinths and enjoy the marine diversity, feel the excitement of diving into caves, and explore distant islands and their intriguing diving spots. You will enjoy the flight of the wild Griffon vultures and feel the power of magnificent cliffs, rising from the sea like the Greek Gods. You will learn how to control your breath, embody the feeling of weightlessness and immerse yourself into the world underneath…
Visit of the educational path and viewpoint Providence, where you will enjoy dinner with the most breathtaking sunset on the island.

Day 7/8 – Departure day

Your last day starts with Yoga class as long as your departure schedule allows it.
Homemade breakfasts including local products such as: goat cheese, fruits, honey, homemade sourdough bread, fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil etc. If you can’t join us for breakfast, due to your departure schedule, we will prepare a meal that you can take with you.
On departure day, we are there to help you out with anything you need. We organize your transport to the airport or/and advise you on the traffic, weather, ferries and everything that will make your return trip safer and more pleasant. We wish you a safe journey home and say our goodbyes until the next time.




  • Accommodation in Villa with pool
  • Two meals per day (breakfast and dinner)
  • Private Chef
  • 2 private yoga teachers
  • 2 guided Yoga classes per day
  • Daily meditation and mindfulness programs
  • Private skipper and guide
  • Exclusive tours with personalized approach
  • Sport and safety gear for all the activities
  • Panorama flight
  • Underwater photos
  • Concierge services
  • Entrance to museums and education centers
  • Airport transfers
  • Daily surprises


  • Airfare
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Private classes
  • Private massage therapies


We are a group of Yogis, massage therapists, athletes, outdoor guides and skippers, madly in love with nature. The constant exploration of Lošinj archipelago represents our lifestyle, our belief and a personal fulfillment. We were always driven by discovering the places silent enough to hear our breath, clean enough to smell the air and calm enough to clear our thoughts. Sharing special places with you such as remote islands, hidden coves, and mountain tops, where you can naturally be free in the moment, is one of our greatest joys. When guided by our passionate team, you feel like one of us as we treat you the same way we treat our passions; genuinely, devotedly and full-heartedly.

Igor Šehić


I’m a passionate Thai massage therapist, martial artist, freedivier, outdoor sports enthusiast, skipper and a personal coach. I’m making contribution to this world through Skippin’ Pebble agency, specialized in organizing bespoke active holidays. The agency was built upon my beliefs, passions and active lifestyle. Our main goal is to help you improve your general well-being by empowering your vitality, enhancing your immune system, bringing awareness to your breath, awakening your senses, sharpening your awareness, and embracing mindfulness.
I will personally guide you through this exceptional holistic experience and create a positive environment for you to transform, elevate and feel fantastic in being yourself!

Tamara Kleva

Yoga Teacher

For Tamara, Yoga represents the encounter and reconciliation with her inner self. This was the first and the most significant gift she has received from Yoga and naturally, she felt the need to share it with others. Thus, began her path of teaching and sharing knowledge.
Tamara taught Yoga in Germany, Greece, Spain, Malta and China. Currently, she works as a teacher and manager of her own Ashtanga Yoga studio in Rijeka, where she offers teacher trainings and educates wonderful young Yoga teachers.
Even though she teaches various styles of Yoga, she is an advocate of an individual approach, according to the concept – your body, your yoga.

Tomislav Tarana Gabrić

Kirtan singer and lecturer

From an early age, Tarana expressed an interest in spirituality and music. His journey of self-exploration began when he turned 13 and already at the age of 16, he lived in a Hindu temple as a monk. After that period, Tarana felt the urge to go to India and continue his education in the field of Yoga psychology, philosophy, and Yoga music.
Upon his return in 2010., he joined the Yoga is Music project and started organizing numerous Mantra music events in the region. With the release of the “Love in action” album, everything started to change. Performances and Mantras have become virtually known around the world, resulting with 20 million views of the Maha Mantra on youtube. After that, he started traveling all over the world and became a world-renowned performer of Kirtan.
Tarana also leads self-development and psychology workshops such as Energetic Anatomy, Intuitive Singing, 4 Levels of Existence, Regression Therapy etc.
In his own words: “I would say I only share what I love and what ennobles me as a human being. It is a joy to convey a part of that enthusiasm and depth, to witness how it transforms people, either by the power of feeling and teaching through song or by the insight of understanding. Somewhere in us, between worries, questions, advices and media, lives our intuition, our true ‘inner voice’ that we can hear to the extent that we give it our attention.”


Oasis in the middle of the pristine nature

Stancija Srem is comprised of two stone houses restored with natural materials with a mix of authenticity and inspiring design that provides a high-end comfort. Both houses are facing South, towards the gravel courtyard, shadowed terraces and infinity pool which blends harmonically with surroundings and unspoiled nature. With its rural charm, nestled in the green hills of the island of Cres, yet close to some of the island’s most pristine beaches, Stancija Srem is the essence of holiday, where you’ll have an abundance of time, space and nature. It is designed for seclusion and escape, to unwind, to be disconnected from it all, offering slow living at its best.

Residence overview

  • 2 houses
  • Suitable for up to 12 people
  • 5 air-conditioned bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • Towels and bed linen
  • Spacious living rooms
  • Fully-equipped kitchens
  • Courtyard and large terraces
  • Satellite TV


  • Infinity pool
  • Fireplace
  • Outside dining area
  • Fragrant garden
  • Surrounded by pristine nature
  • Walking distance from pristine beaches
  • Breathtaking view


Croatia’s leading natural climatic health resort

Due to the exceptional characteristics of its micro-climate, in 1892., the island of Lošinj was proclaimed a natural climatic health resort by the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy’s Ministry of Health. As a result, Lošinj became one of the most desired holiday destinations of Austrian aristocracy of whom many built numerous villas and mansions on the island. 
With the crystal-clear sea, diversity of medicinal herbs that offer supreme air quality and over 200 days of sunshine, Lošinj is Croatia’s leading climatic health resort and a modern destination of vitality, health tourism and environmental awareness. It offers the ideal conditions for allergy sufferers, improving respiratory health and aiding physical and psychological recovery.
People are not the only ones drawn to its beauty. The archipelago is also a home to many wonderful animal species that have been living alongside us for centuries. These animals include the magnificent, endangered and protected creatures such as Griffon vultures, geckos and Bottlenose dolphins that chose this natural heaven as their permanent home.
Lošinj is a paradise for adventurers and nature-lovers that come from all over the world to witness its beauty.



  • Islands, coves and sandy beaches
  • Mountains, trails and viewpoints
  • Capes, ridges, caves and shipwrecks
  • Picturesque little towns
  • Historical sites and museums
  • Cultural events and education centers


  • Daily Meditation & Yoga sessions
  • Private boat cruises
  • Exciting adventures
  • Dolphin safari
  • Creative workshops
  • Sunsets with traditional food and wine
  • Relaxing treatments
  • Private chef


  • Strengthen your mind
  • Improve your Asana
  • Build up your health and all around well-being
  • Release your accumulated stress
  • Restore your energy levels
  • Awaken your senses
  • Elevate your vitality


  • You have enriched your knowledge
  • You have expanded your range of motion
  • You have enhanced your immune system
  • You have supercharged your vitality
  • You have sharpened your mind
  • You feel energetic and strong


  • Excitement of everyday adventures
  • Energetic and recharged body
  • Wider understanding of proper exercising
  • More focused, sharper and calm mind
  • Happier, healthier and improved self
  • Lifetime memories



Exclusivity of this retreat lies in the personal approach to our guests. That is why we work with small groups in private atmosphere, where we dedicate our special attention to the needs and wishes of every individual.


  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for outdoor activities (sweatpants/leggings/shorts…)
  • Beachwear and sun protection
  • Backpack and Yoga/Pilates mat
  • Tupperware or glass food storage


Our guides are fluent in Croatian, English, German, French and Portuguese. If you don’t speak any of these languages, don’t worry. We are also the masters of pantomime!


Serenity Yoga & Meditation Retreat is designed for people with an average level of fitness, but it’s up to you how much will you raise your heartbeat to challenge your limits. If you want this but think you are below average, congratulations! You are our favorite “prove you wrong” person 😉



Yoga represents our lifestyle, our belief and a personal fulfillment.


We show our appreciation by giving you our full attention, commitment and expertise.


You will be in safe hands of our experienced team of Yogis, manual therapists, outdoor guides and personal coaches


Every program we design for you is driven by our deepest passion for oneness with the nature. 


We believe that sharing brings us closer of being more compassionate, inclusive and humane. 

Just a glimpse of your experience!

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