How to reach our paradise

By road

If you are coming to the island using road vehicle, you must take the ferry from the mainland to Cres. It is a wonderful 25min cruise that reveals mesmerizing views of our wonderful archipelago. No matter where I go, each time I take ferry to come back to the island, I immediately start breathing deeply, release all the accumulated stress and smile as I know what awaits for me on Lošinj. I hope it will have the same effect on you.
There are three options:


If driving from Rijeka, follow the signs for Krk island. There is a beautiful bridge that connects the mainland and the island of Krk. Passing the bridge is a unique experience as it reveals fantastic views of the Kvarner bay. Follow the curvy road on Krk until you see Valbiska ferry sign on the right hand side. This road will take you directly to the port.
Enjoy the short ferry ride, breathe in the fragrance of the islands greenery and enjoy a beautiful road to Lošinj.
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If coming from Istria, follow the Brestova Ferry terminal. Once there, take the ferry and cross over to the island of Cres. Once in Porozina, the ride to Lošinj will take a bit longer than in first option, since Porozina is all the way on the North-West end of the island.
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If coming from Zadar, the starting point is Gaženica ferry terminal. This 7 hour ferry ride is the longest option but a wonderful experience where you enjoy the view of numerous islands on your cruise to Lošinj. The upper deck is the place to be if the weather allows. Wonderful vistas, wind in your hair and, if you are lucky, you’ll see dolphins.
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– You can buy the ferry ticket on-line
– Prepare for the heavy traffic during the high season
– Keep your eyes open on the way from Cres to Lošinj. The road will reveal picturesque towns and villages, local honey keepers, olive oil producers and a variety of animal crossing the road specially during the night.
– Don’t just pass. Make a stop, discover and allow yourself to be amazed by nature and the local lifestyle.

By sea

If you are traveling on foot or combining transportation, catamarans are the best option. You can reach the island by catamaran from Pula, Zadar and Rijeka. Catamaran cruise is fast, practical and reveal wonderful scenery. There are couple of options:


There is a catamaran connection from Pula to Zadar, with Mali Lošinj being the middle station. This is the passenger only line so take it into the consideration if you are traveling on foot or combining transportation. The ride lasts for approx. 3hrs with couple of stops on the wonderful islands in Lošinj archipelago.
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Another catamaran line will take you from Rijeka to Lošinj. The ride is between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the day of the week and number of stops. During your cruise, the catamaran will stop on some wonderful places in Lošinj archipelago.
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By air

Two of the closest airports are Rijeka and Pula. Lošinj also has an airport but it’s still not suitable for bigger planes. Nevertheless, Lošinj airport crew offer airplane transfers to and from all of the European airports so if you’re flying and want to make your arrival fast and practical, this is the option to consider.
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You are an adventurer and have something special on your mind? No problem as there is no limit in our imagination to create exciting transfers. Just drop us a line and we shall design a special adventure for you. No matter where you are, we can pick you up with speed boats or sailing boat and make your transfer a unique experience!

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