Capture your unforgettable moments

While witnessing these incredible creatures

In their natural habitat

Discover the Bottlenose dolphins

And learn why they became the symbol of Lošinj

People are not the only ones drawn to this beauty… The archipelago is also a home to many wonderful animal species that have been living alongside us for centuries. The most known are Bottlenose dolphins that chose this natural heaven as their permanent home. 
Hop on our speed boat, cruise the archipelago and experience these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.


Up to 3 Hours


Cruising the archipelago
Dolphin safari





per person


You will enjoy various locations of Lošinj archipelago, while in search of Bottlenose dolphins. 


  • cruising the archipelago
  • learning facts about the dolphins
  • enjoying the dolphin safari


Before you start enjoying the dolphins, we first need to find them which sometimes requires an extensive search. During that time, you will learn interesting facts about our resident Bottlenose dolphins and understand their behavior once we find them. Please understand that these are wild dolphins and their activity is very hard to foresee. Don’t expect them to entertain you but rather just enjoy their presence. The primary reason we do dolphin safaris is the utmost respect and fascination we have towards these animals. Therefore, we are very careful when approaching them and take an extra care not to endanger them in any way. With this mindset, we are trying to contribute to their existence so the generations that follow can also enjoy the coexistence with these magnificent creatures.


Water, sunglasses, cap or hat, sun cream and a device to capture your special moments.


We are fluent in Croatian, English and Portuguese. If you don’t speak any of these languages, do not despair as we are the masters of pantomime 😉


Min 5 people
Max 10 people


Our little paradise, so called by the local people, is famous for it’s micro climate that creates the most amazing fresh air, beautiful sunshine and the crystal clear sea. However, every once in a while, we are surprised with a sudden change of weather that reminds us about the eternal balance of the Nature. In that case, we will postpone the tour, offer you alternative or refund your money in full.

This is just a glimpse of what you will experience…

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