Bespoke holidays on the Island of Vitality

Have your dream retreat
filled with lifetime memories

A paradise for adventurers and nature lovers

Who come from all over the world to witness its exceptional beauty

Experience the island of Lošinj, Croatia’s leading natural climatic health resort and enjoy your private holidays, passionately designed around your desires. Begin each day with a new adventure, elevate your spirits with active tours, sail the archipelago and discover the most incredible natural locations, feel the health benefits of the island’s micro-climate, enjoy the delicacies of the traditional cuisine and get the insiders access to the natural wonders and the local lifestyle.

Experience, discover, feel and recover

Guided by the team, madly in love with the nature of Lošinj

We are driven by discovering the places silent enough to hear our breath, clean enough to smell the air and calm enough to clear our thoughts. We are constantly pursuing new adventures where we live the moment and re-connect with our inner nature. 

To practice what we believe in, do what we love and show who we really are, was always the right path to take. To share all those wonderful things with like minded people, to move, discover, experience, evolve and laugh out loud, was always the right dream to have.

Our comprehensive retreats are thoroughly designed around your desires, becoming the perfect active holiday, family reunion, Yoga retreat, team building or a holistic escape.

You shall be treated the same way we treat our passion, genuinely, devotedly and full-heartedly. Together, we shall surrender to adventures, pursue our true nature, and live free in the moment… 



Our greatest hits


Experience, feel free and live in the moment

Don’t waste a second of your holiday. Entrust us with your time and we will consider it a personal challenge to make your every moment count. From hello to can’t wait to see you again, nothing will be left to chances.

Every retreat is a custom made experience designed to meet your desires.  

Whether you are Yoga practitioners, a family, business associates or just a group of friends who want to create lifetime memories, this is how you ride!

Boat tours

Discover top locations accessible only by sea

With personalized approach to our guests, stories and legends about the archipelago, beautiful hidden coves, wild beaches, amazing snorkeling destinations and small picturesque islands, every boat tour becomes an adventure to remember!

Dolphin safari

Enjoy these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat

Experience the bottlenose dolphin safari and witness one of the biggest population of these magnificent creatures in the Adriatic sea.

Price from 40€


Experience Yoga on the most incredible natural locations

Since we are a team of outdoor enthusiasts who share your passion for Yoga, it came only natural to take what we love the most and place it where it belongs…in the Nature.

Price from 1100€

Design your retreat

Where everything is how you dreamed of

You have something special on your mind? A unique experience you always wanted? 
Drop us a line and we will design a luxury retreat that perfectly meets your desires.

On request

On the horizon

Seize the opportunity coming your way

Learn about all the upcoming tours, retreats and festivals. Harmonize your travel with the events you’d like to be a part of and experience your holiday with the insiders access to the local lifestyle.

The mission

Thrive while enjoying your holiday

We believe in becoming what we are designed for, an active, mindful and connected human beings. People who seek knowledge, explore wide range of movement and practice self awareness. 

It was never as easy to have a holistic lifestyle as today. To eat diverse, to train efficiently, to learn, discover, evolve and share. A holy-day should be just that, a reminder of what does it mean to be full of life in everyday living.

Our mission is to make you move, awaken your breath, sharpen your awareness and expand your limits. To re-connect your inner nature with the one around you.
To help you thrive while enjoying your holiday!

The Island of Vitality

Croatia’s leading climatic health resort

My dear local friend who was a true devotee and lover of island Lošinj, named it “Green in Blue”. I always thought it was the perfect name for our little paradise. Incredible greenery made of thick pine forests and numerous exotic plants and medical herbs, gently float between a clear blue sky and a crystal clear blue sea. It truly is “Green in Blue”.
And the people? Well, if you like the nature of Lošinj, you will love the inner nature of every single local who makes this Island a beautiful and a unique place.

Discover Lošinj,
It’s in our nature to discover…

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How to reach our paradise

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We believe that one of the most precious things in life is what we define as time.


Since our early age, we were involved in various outdoor activities that enabled us to explore the hidden natural wonders.


We are driven by the everlasting passion to constantly explore the wonderful nature of Lošinj archipelago.

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