I am Skippin’ Pebble

Growing up in 80’s and 90’s, even though I had loving and supportive parents, my only choice was to embrace the conventional education in society that expected from me to have a “proper” job.
Naturally, the only way to study and practice my deepest beliefs and passions was to channel them into my hobbies.
After two decades of my nations political, economical and spiritual transformation, I could finally practice my passions as the form of who I am, what I believe in and how I contribute without being judged or marginalized.
Finally I was free with a choice of not choosing… That was the time my real education started and took me to 8 year voyage of traveling, experiencing, trying myself in different projects, doing humanitarian work, becoming a father,being a teacher and a student, searching the nature of myself…
What I found on this quest was the way to share all my beliefs and passions by creating the company with the main goal of raising awareness towards the re-connection with nature.

Skippin’ Pebble is my belief, my life principle and my personal joy.
It promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers the perfect active vacation!