APOX film festival

A cultural event, APOX Film Festival for international and domestic documentary films, produced from June of 2019 to June 2020, includes all major film production companies in the world of film. The goal is to attract as many quality producers from the film world as possible and establish the festival as the biggest in terms of organization. That’s why the 1st APOX Film Festival, as can be seen in the festival program schedule, is designed to merge culture (museum and gallery spaces), performers as attraction at the opening of the film festival, and a film workshop in collaboration...

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10th Lošinj half marathon

Runners from all over the world will have the opportunity to be active and feel the benefits of the Islands micro climate on the 10th Lošinj half marathon. The Athletic Club Lošinj gathers numerous competitors at the 10th Lošinj semi-marathon, which will run along Lošinj trails. The race will be carried out based on the competitive rules of the Croatian Society for running on street and in the mountain HUCIPT. 

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45th Osor musical evening

Osor Musical Evenings is a festival of classical music that has been taking place in Osor since 1976. The audience will be able to hear some of the most important compositions premiered in Osor and composed for this festival, and naturally, enjoy an excellent interpretation of world musical heritage.

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Lošinj sails around the world festival

The idea to create this kind of festival originated from a desire for preservation and revitalization of the maritime tradition, through the revival and presentation of the historical and cultural heritage of Lošinj that experienced its golden age from 1853 to 1884.This segment of Lošinj history was chosen for promotion because of its devoted and capable Lošinj sailors, shipbuilders and shipowners who made this island the center of the maritime affairs of the eastern Mediterranean of the 19th century.During this Festival, you will get an insight into the rich maritime heritage of Lošinj,...

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Tears of St. Lawrence

If you are a nature lover, romantic or a dreamer, this tour has your name written all over it. Tears of St. Lawrence is the biggest meteor shower of the year with the biggest activity on the night of 11th or 12th of August. It makes all the difference in the world where do you experience it from. You can definitely enjoy it from your hotel terrace and be absolutely amazed but what would you say if I’d tell you the experience can be much more than that? You see, there are many places in the archipelago with minimum light pollution that allows you to have one of the kind experience...

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