About me

Know me, before you know me

I’m not a local with a family tree reaching deep into the Island’s history… I’m a local who has profound love for everything about this amazing archipelago. Since an early age, I’ve discovered the island’s nature whilst running its forests, climbing its hills, and diving into its seas. Only later did I realise that, simultaneously, I was discovering the nature of myself.
When I’m not hosting your tour, I’m practicing these activities for personal pleasure. I’m super passionate about activities in nature so what we do together on tours is what truly fulfils me.
Led by my beliefs and passions, with the support of my wonderful family, I’ve created the Skippin’ Pebble company. It represents who I truly am and it allows me to live my life in harmony and joy. Skippin’ Pebble’s main goal is to raise awareness of re-connecting with nature. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers a perfect active vacation!

My mission is to stimulate your body, awake your spirits, make you smile and share the best of this incredible archipelago!