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chances are you’re after more than just a beach holiday…

You already know the most beautiful sunsets are seen from mountain tops, the most amazing beaches are accessible only by sea and the sweetest breath is the one you take while hiking through a pine forest…I share your mindset and that is why I’ve explored every part of Lošinj, even the ones hidden to others…

It’s in our nature to discover!

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About me

know me before you know me
Who am I? I’m a summary of all the filtered values, actions and beliefs that withstood decades of questioning, fearing and growing up.
I’m a son, brother, father and husband…I’m a teacher and a student…I’m a friend.

Skippin’ Pebble

I’m Skippin’ Pebble

My entire life, I’ve been searching the ways to express myself, learn, exchange experiences, practice what I truly believe in and share my passions in constant pursuit of fulfillment. My search finally ended with me creating the company with the main goal of raising the awareness towards the re-connection with Nature.

Skippin’ Pebble is my belief, my life principle and my personal joy.
It promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers the perfect active vacation!

What Customers Say

  • My first contact to Igor was a incredible massage treatment. His technique is a mixture of classic Thai massage and acupressure. Super relaxing and after that 2 hour treatment my body felt like new born. The best treatment ever.

    Thanks so much, next time I will start my Holiday for sure again with that treatment and than we will jump again on Igor's boot and explore the beautiful archipelago of his Islands.

    Andi, Austria
  • Thanks to Agave travel agency we got to meet Igor. In his great boat he showed us around the island. His knowledge about the island and the history of them is insane! He was able to tell us so many great story's we didn't know of. We just had to tell Igor where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do and he just took us to some beautiful spots. Great snorkeling, beautiful views and like I wrote before; super interesting stories about the island. On top of that, I have to say that Igor is a great person to be on the boat with. Just a really nice guy, laid-back and easy-going. A very nice guy to be on the boat with. Igor if you read this; thanks again!
    Lisa, Netherlands
  • I am just back from an Amazing boat trip with Igor. Best value for money in the island. My family and I really enjoyed the trip, feeling always at the center of the activity and safe. Tell Igor what you want to experience and he will make sure everything goes perfectly.
    Lando, Italy
  • Wonderful energy that should be spread on!
    Jasminka, Croatia
  • Fun, adventure, interesting facts and beautiful seascape all in one!
    Ivana, Croatia
  • Fun, loads of interesting facts, greatest guide ever, amazingly beautiful nature, a GREAT & exciting adventure! Loving it!
    Vanja, Croatia
  • Highly recommend Discover Losinj for off-the-beaten-track adventures in Losinj. If you're looking for affordable boating on the turquoise waters of the Adriatic and snorkeling in sea caves, Igor is the guy to go to.
    Tamara, South Africa
  • Amazing adventure, wonderful crew and unique experience! Highly recommend to everyone!
    Daniel, Croatia
  • Great experience with expert team on board. The most interesting tour ever! Definitely a must for anybody visiting the island of Losinj!
    Azur, Croatia
  • Action and adventure for the whole family! If you want to do something different i recommend discover losinj! we went there on a family vacation with our 2 year old daughter and had personalised trip, organisation was amazing and our daughter loved our guide Igor 🙂
    Lana, Austria

Island of Lošinj, Croatia

My dear local friend who was a true devotee and lover of island Lošinj, named it “Green in Blue”. I always thought it was the perfect name for our Island. Incredible greenery made of of thick pine forests and numerous exotic plants and medical herbs, gently floats between the clear blue sky and crystal clear blue sea. It truly is “Green in Blue”…
And the people? Well, if you like the nature of Lošinj, you will love the inner nature of every single local who makes this Island a beautiful and unique place.

Discover Lošinj!
It’s in our nature to discover…

“Fun, loads of interesting facts, greatest guide ever, amazingly beautiful nature, a GREAT & exciting adventure! Loving it!

What makes me offbeat

Unique aproach

I believe that one of the most precious things in life is what we define as time. read more

Local guide

I'm not a local who has a family tree reaching far into the Islands history, I'm a local who has profound love for everything about this amazing Island.read more

Driven by passion

Since I was a kid, my decisions and actions were driven by passion.read more


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